How can I contact Phoenix Systems?
There are many ways to connect with us. You can call our corporate office at 678-566-2640 or use our “contact us” tab to send us an email.
Does Phoenix Systems offer services other than security?
Yes! We have a solution for all of your low-voltage needs. We offer installation and service on whole-home audio, theater rooms, TV, networking, cameras, and central vacuum systems.
Can I access and control my home systems from the iPad I already have?
Yes! It’s as simple as downloading a specific app. You can also do the same on your smartphone. You will securely login to access and control your audio, lighting, security and more.
I have an existing system in my home. Can you still help me?
Yes, our talented team has taken on all sorts of projects from new construction to plenty of existing system takeovers. We’ll want to start by evaluating what we might be able save and what we’ll need to replace.
What kind of pricing can I expect? Can you work with my budget?
Integrated systems packages can range from just a few thousand dollar whole house audio system all the way up to a $100K+ full home automation package complete with custom home theater. We work with just about all budgets so call us today to discuss some options.
Do you have a showroom or a way to demo a home theater?

Yes, we sure do and we invite you to schedule an appointment so we can demonstrate all that’s possible with a professionally designed home theater. We have a full scale home theater room with heart pounding surround sound, crystal clear projection system, and comfortable seating options.

Contact us here to schedule an appointment

Do you work with my builder? What's the process?
We work with many builders and there’s a good chance we do already work with your builder. Just as other contractors like electricians and plumbers coordinate with your builder, we will do the same. It starts with a pre-wire process based on the systems you would like to have installed. Then when ready, we’ll return to install, program, and train you on your new integrated systems.
Do you provide a warranty agreement?
Yes, a limited warranty agreement is provided for equipment and services.
Can I sign up for automatic payment?
Yes. To enroll in our automatic payment system, simply download the form from the download tab and submit.
How do I get after hours help?
Call our corporate office at 678-566-2640. The answering service will be able to provide information or assistance. If they are unable to assist you, there is an after-hours technician that can help with emergency situations only.