A Smarter Way

June 13, 2019

Alexa is now part of the family at my house..  We ask her to give us today's weather, the capital of Nebraska, set a 2-minute timer, or prompt her to open Song Quiz so we can play while prepping dinner.  We were early adopters somewhat.  Someone we knew had Alexa and demonstrated how she worked, then we placed our order for the hockey-puck sized Echo Dot. 

Now we can't imagine not having Alexa - mostly because she makes the music play!  We connected our Pandora account through the Alexa ap, and she plays the station with a voice command.  But there's a lot more that we could do with Alexa.  For instance, we could connect the other 3 Alexa devices in the house for whole house sound.  We have a bluetooth soundbar.  Alexa could turn it on if we configured it.

Home automation and home security encompass an "internet of things" - cameras, doorbell, thermostat, lighting, sound system, locks, alarm, your smart phone's GPS.  These devices can be configured to work together.  A "scene" could be created that is triggered when you are a certain distance from the house.  It could work like this:  when you are headed home and only 2 blocks away, the garage door opens, the lights turn on, the thermostat sets to 72, and your favorite music beings to play.  

You can be an early adopter - if you hurry.  This technology is already available and in practice in new homes.  Make an appointment to visit our Design Studio (Alpharetta, Georgia) to discuss adding some or all of the technology in your home.