Going Green with Sustainable Smart Home Tech

March 9, 2021

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we’ve got “green” on our minds – and we’re not talking about shamrocks. Here at Phoenix Systems, we specialize in smart home technology and we often talk about how it can make life in our homes more convenient and comfortable. However, one of the most valuable benefits is how it can make your home more sustainable, with minimal effort on your part.

When you think about “going green” at home, you probably immediately consider tasks like turning off the lights when you leave a room, using less water, and unplugging devices when not in use. The problem, of course, for many of us, is that it can be a lot to remember and execute on a daily basis.

Smart home technology can simplify sustainability in your home with a few essential devices.

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Smart Thermostats

One of the most affordable smart devices you can introduce to your home, a smart thermostat can also be one of the most impactful. Devices like the Nest thermostat are designed to give you more control over your heater and air conditioning system. By customizing your system, you can turn your AC on or off when you aren’t home, adjust it from your mobile device, and even set up a schedule so that it’s automated for you. Some even take it a step further by using a “learning” feature to intuitively build a better schedule based on your routine, adjusting as you do.

These devices are especially useful for busy families who are always on the go. Smart thermostats can go a long way in saving energy costs, especially when transitioning through seasons. Truly smart devices can adapt to your needs, without you having to think about it all too much.

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another simple and low-cost investment that can go a long way. Even better, there are quite a few options to choose from for a truly custom home experience. Start by identifying all of the light sources in your home and swapping out bulbs for smarter, more energy-efficient LED bulbs. These use way less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. 

By going a step further, with devices like smart switches and plugs, you can easily manage your home’s light remotely from your phone – making sure they are never left running unnecessarily. Similar to smart thermostats, these lights may also be automated to run on a schedule, saving energy when you’re out at work, and coming on to greet you when you arrive home. 

Smart Water Protection

There’s more to water conservation than shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Technology like Alarm.com’s Smart Water Valve+Meter can help to track your water usage, notifying you when your consumption has been excessive. That way, you’ll know if you need to cut down shower time, if a toilet is running, or identify other areas of wastage. Plus, you can ahead by detecting leaks and shutting them down before they become much bigger problems.

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Integrate and streamline

A smart home system truly helps you thrive when the pieces fit seamlessly together. By integrating your devices and features through a hub like Alarm.com (with, of course, home security at the core) you can set your home up for efficiency with a single tap. Scenes are a simple and powerful way to streamline your home routine. For example, by simply customizing and selecting your “Goodnight” scene, all of the lights can turn off while the thermostat adjusts to keep you cozy and devices like the TV power down for the night. Remember, your smart home system can save you both time and energy!

Ready for a smarter home?

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