3 Essential Business Security Solutions You Need

September 23, 2020

If there’s one thing the past few months have taught us, it’s that often times, business is personal. Whether you’re running a mom-and-pop shop or part of a hundred-person team based in an office, our work lives are something we invest a lot of time and energy into. When we go to work, we want it to be in a space that feels safe and secure.

With Smarter Business Security powered by Alarm.com, small and medium sized business owners can integrate video surveillance, smart sensors, access control and more, all from one insightful interface.

smart video surveillance

Keep eyes on your business with video surveillance

It’s hard to enjoy your time away from work when you’re constantly worrying about what’s going on when you’re not there. With live-steaming and single or multi-site viewing options, you can check-in, no matter where you are. Real-time notifications will alert you when something needs your attention, and recorded video allows you to playback important moments for a closer look.

 Smarter video surveillance does more than give you peace of mind that things are running smoothly. It’s crucial in times of an emergency, like when an employee feels unsafe, an accident has occurred, or when an intruder is trying break-in after hours. Being able to watch over things will help both you and your team feel more at ease.

temperature sensor alert

Protect your property with smart sensors

No two businesses are exactly alike and as a business owner, you likely have strategic and specific needs and preferences. Maybe you’re running a company that deals with sensitive information, or you’re a shop owner that keeps food or merchandise stored onsite. With smart sensors, you can always be alerted when something’s out of place.

Image sensors can not only detect motion near sensitive areas like a safe or office, but they’ll snap a photo and send it to you. Temperature sensors come in handy for areas that need to be temperature-optimized, like a storage area. Glass break and door sensors will immediately notify you and add an extra layer to your security. These sensors can be placed according to your business’ needs, and all of the information collected can be accessed via your Alarm.com app.

business access control notification

Manage authorizations with access control

It takes teamwork to run a business, which means different members coming and going. Secure your property, storefront, or office against unauthorized access with Smart Access Control and manage your employees through multiple access plans. With seamlessly integrated access control options, you’ll have even more useful insight into the activity and patterns within your team and business. Plus, with remote access, you can lock or unlock doors as needed (just in case someone forgets to lock up on the way out or needs to be let in!).

Ready to do Smarter Business?

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