Protecting Your Parents (and Grandparents) with Wellness Technology

September 9, 2020

Grandparent’s Day is this Sunday, September 13 and it’s got us thinking about our older loved ones. Many of us have fond memories of our parents and grandparents caring for us throughout our lives, treating us when we were sick, and offering wisdom and love during difficult times. Of course, as life goes on, the roles begin to shift and we find ourselves wondering how we can take care of them as they age. video monitoring camera

More than ever, our older family members and their health are top of mind for us, and yet, at a time when we want to be with them most, we are finding that physical distance is the safest approach. That’s where technology comes in. With Wellness Technology powered by, you can monitor your parents’ health and activities at home, giving you peace of mind while allowing them their independence and comfort.

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Keep your peace of mind 

When worrying about your older parents’ wellbeing, a list of concerns might be running through your head. Are they taking their medication? Are they sleeping well? Have they been getting enough exercise? When was the last time they showered? Have they arrived home safely? Often times, they may not want to worry us and it can be difficult to go through these questions every time you check-in. Thankfully, with Wellness Technology, you can monitor their activities and behavior patterns, even getting notified if something seems wrong. With simple, readily available reports accessible right from your app, you can always rest assured that you know exactly what’s going on with them.

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Their independence is a gift

Finding a balance between independence and care can be tricky and sometimes, a point of disagreement. While we may be concerned about keeping a close eye on our parents and grandparents, 87% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age. Installing Wellness Tech that connects you to your loved ones’ home provides the best of both worlds. They’ll feel comfortable and free in their own house, while still able to connect with you should they need your help or attention.

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Visit them whenever, and from wherever you are

Of course, our relationship with our older loved ones is more than just worrying and concerns. Spending time with our parents and grandparents, especially as they age, is valuable quality time that so many of us treasure and want more of. According to a recent poll by, “71 percent of us say that we don’t visit our parents as often as we’d like to, and we often encounter challenges in connecting virtually–even though we understand that our peace of mind would benefit.”

While Nana or Pop Pop may not be tech-savvy enough for a smartphone or Zoom call, installing a WellCam is a simple and easy way to get some “face-time” with a simple button. So no matter the distance, you can update them on their grandkids, ask for that recipe you love so much and ask them about their day. Plus, the WellCam is even easier than a phone call – it’s hands-free and since it’s already connected to your device, there’s no dialing required.

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How to talk wellness with your older loved ones

The first step in implementing some of these features is having a conversation. Introducing Wellness Technology to your loved ones’ home may seem like a confusing or even intrusive notion to them. They may question the need for having a camera watch them, but here are a few notes to help guide your conversation.

  • Remind them that this is an act of love. It is very likely that while your parents don’t feel very concerned about themselves, they may be able to understand why you worry.
  • Explain that if you could be by their side physically, you would – but this is the next best thing. Visiting safely these days can be tricky or even ill-advised, and this provides a way to stay connected without risk.
  • It’s easy and doesn’t feel intrusive. Your loved ones may be too old-fashioned for high tech devices, but these barely require effort on their part. Many of the features, like sensors and cameras, connect directly with your own device, so you’ll have access with them needed to do anything. Then, if they want to connect with you, they can do so with a simple button.

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