What is Smart Lighting and is it Right for You?

July 15, 2020
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There’s a lot of technology nowadays claiming to be “smarter” than the devices of the past. Whether it’s your phone, TV or home, “smart” technology promises to do much more than its basic, originally intended purpose. Now your phone can do more than make a call, your TV can show you more than flip through cable channels, and your home can streamline your day-to-day living, while you enjoy complete access and control. Intelligent devices can integrate and work alongside other devices or apps to give you much more control over their features. Simply put, smart lighting does a whole lot more than turning on and off at the flip of a switch.

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What can you do with smart lighting?


Set Scenes

Whether it’s morning, movie night, or bedtime, you can customize your favorite light settings to create the perfect atmosphere with just a tap.


Remote Management

Consider your smartphone as a portable light switch. With a simple app, turn off your smart lights while you’re at the office or turn them on in preparation when you’re on the way home. Even if you’re vacationing out of town, you’ll still have full access to your home lights.


Automated Actions

Think, “if this, then that.” If you get home and open your garage, then your hallway lights will automatically turn on to welcome you home. If your morning alarm goes off, then your bedroom lights can gently wake up with you.


Dimming & Color

With options like the Philips Hue smart bulbs, your lights can do much more than turn on and off. Change the entire mood of a room with custom color and dimming.


Voice Control

Have you ever gotten perfectly comfortable on the couch, only to realize you want the lights off? Connect your smart lights to devices like Alexa or Google Home to adjust your settings without lifting a finger.

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What are the benefits of smart lighting?


Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting can help you manage and lower your home’s energy usage by keeping track of which lights are on, and when. With smart lighting, you can turn off all the lights at once when it’s time for bed. Or, set them according to your schedule so that your lights aren’t working when you are.

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Safety & Security

If you’re ever planning a weekend away from home, your smart lights can help keep intruders away. By controlling your lights remotely via an app or using features like Control4’s “Mockupancy” option, your lights will turn on and off (including devices, like your TV) to fool potential intruders into thinking you’re home!

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Streamlined Living

With automated actions and integration with other apps and devices, your smart lights can do what you need, without you thinking about it. If you’re a busy bee that’s always on the go or managing a big family, you know the benefits of having one (or several) less things to think about. Smart lighting can give you peace of mind while keeping it clear to think about the bigger things in life.

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Ready to try smart lighting?

Reach out to us at 678-566-2640 or sales@phoenixsystems.tv and a Phoenix Rep will be happy to discuss your needs and options!

Lighting is an essential and powerful element of any home’s design. When designed with intention, lighting can not only make your home feel warmer and more welcoming, but it can increase productivity, highlight your favorite areas of your house, and add character. Plus, choosing the right bulbs and fixtures from your home can impact energy efficiency. 

There are four main types of lighting you should keep in mind when designing or revamping your home. Each serves its own purpose and comes in a variety of options.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides the overall illumination and sets the mood for a room. Typically, it floods the room with lighting from above, from ceiling-mounted lights and ceiling fans. Wall sconces can also provide enough lighting to brighten a room.

Of course, ambient lighting can come in a variety of styles which can work well in larger rooms like kitchens and living rooms. Ceiling lights can be dome-shaped flushed fixtures, or recessed lights for a sleeker and more minimal look. They can be a part of a ceiling fan or stand alone for a bold statement-making chandelier. Or, tall floor lamps can provide excellent ambient lighting, especially in rooms with high ceilings.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is more dedicated to style than function. With the use of directional track lights or spotlights, you can guide the eyes toward artwork or architectural elements within your home that deserve special attention.

This type of lighting can add character to your home, setting the stage for your favorite spaces and pieces to shine. Options like cove lighting can be installed near your tray ceiling or crown molding to bring those features to life.

Task Lighting

There are a lot of tasks and activities we perform in our homes on a daily basic. From cooking and preparing your morning coffee to reading, writing, and working at home. Task lighting can illuminate the necessary areas for you to do your best work. 

Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to brighten up the counter tops when you’re prepping meals, while also highlighting your beautiful backsplashes, countertop décor, coffee bar, and more. Then, when it’s time to settle in for the night, task lighting by your bedside can help you crack open a good book to wind down.

Natural Lighting

Never underestimate the power of natural lighting within your home. Sunlight streaming in through your windows can instantly make a home feel more welcoming and comfortable. Of course, while we have no power over the sun outside, we can manage the ways we incorporate it into our lighting design through smart shading.

With a variety of fabric options, you can let just enough light in to brighten your home, while also controlling unnecessary glares, or even keeping your bedroom dark and cozy.

Source: Control4

Get Smarter About Lighting

The lighting in your home should feel intuitive and comforting, not cumbersome and overwhelming. With so many lights in your house, it can help to integrate them all into your smart home system. This way, you can manage them all from a single app, or even automate them based on your routines and energy-management needs. Smart lighting systems can even make your home safer, so you never come home to a dark house, and you can deter intruders while you’re on vacation.

 Phoenix Systems offers free consultations with our smart home pros to help design and install lighting solutions that work for you.